worst day of my life, 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Today I watched a dog die.

The guy driving in front of me hit a dog, and I watched as the dog's body went flying and flailing through the air. And then landed in the middle of the road. I couldn't-- I can't even-- I thought this guy's tire blew out. I thought the Wicked Witch of the East flew down and something else was going on. But then I knew it was a dog.

I just. Oh my God. I pulled over and frantically ran out into the road to see if he was okay (the dog). He was still breathing, but not moving at all. He had cuts on his hind legs and his tongue was sticking out a little too far. The guy who hit him also pulled over and walked up.

"Yup. He's dead." That's all he said. Yup? He's dead? Where are your tears? Why don't you give this dog CPR? Why are you just standing there? What do you mean he's dead? No he's not? He's breathing?

I bent down to pat him to try and jolt him out of his almost-death but, like, I’m generally useless and this situation was no different. I had no idea how. And, sure enough his eyes rolled back and in one big exhale, he was gone. I was so sad. I can't believe it. Why are you dying? Why did you just die? Why would you do that in front of me? You know how I get. All dogs know.

Darien called Animal Control for me since I was crying about the dog that just violently died in front of me. I mean, there wasn't any blood. It wasn't messy. He just got hit. He just got bumped. Just like... bump bump. Whoops. Wake up, dog. You're not ruining my day today, dog. I'll adopt you and you can come live on my bed, on my white bedspread, I don't care about the dog hair and the occasional poop stains. Don't die on me right now.

If you don’t have little shimmers of tears about to spill out over the rim of your lower eyelid, I never want to hang out with you. You are a soulless human being who probably watches that ASPCA/Sarah McLaughlin commercial with ease.

Sorry if this post about a dog doesn’t enhance your soul. Guess we’re just on different levels. Call me when you get up here.