Friday, September 2, 2011

Wanna know what I’m doing tomorrow? I’m going to the motherf'ing salon.

I booked appointments (with an “s”) a few weeks ago. Multiple appointments. I’m getting my situation done. I’ve only gotten my hair done in a salon two other times in my life, where both times I got the best f'ing haircuts of my life from a girl I only half-knew in high school. I thought about going there again when (if) I go home for the holidays and trying to track her, but I almost can’t handle the idea of her still being in the same position in her life as she was five years ago, so I didn’t even bother and I booked appointments at Lucy Pop here in Nashville, at the recommendation of one of my female rock star friends. It’s not that I like, think that High School Hairstylist’s above being in the same place after five years, but she expressed unhappiness to me when she did my hair, so I hope she’s moved on and is now running her own thing or something. I just don’t want to know. Finding stuff like that out in my hometown is just too much.

I’m going nuts (for me), so when I called up Lucy Pop I was like, “Yeah, I want the serious ombre hair dying situation and whatever scalp massage Oprah would get and also a trim,” which you KNOW is expensive because I name dropped Oprah, okay?

The only other time I did this (the High School Hairstylist time), I didn’t spend any extra time hanging out and taking advantage of the amenities, but this time I’m basically prepared to move in. I’m going to bring multiple books and maybe my iPod, in case I decide to go crazy and try to take advantage of being a salon ho while I’m there.

This chick is going to ask me what I want to have done and I know already that I’m going to tell her I want her to DO ME. Just whatever she wants, as long as she’s cleansing the diseases out of my hair and fixing the bullshit that’s going on in my hair shafts and probs rubbing on my scalp mad lots. Like, just doing me to the fullest.

I'm really nervous to have someone change my hair color though. Really nervous. So nervous I think I'll take a nap.