The past couple of daysies I've been mad craving on some grilled cheeseness. I've been doing a bit of a low carbo thingo and the idea of bread really gets me buttered up. Last night Darien and I went to this Amish country market in one of our favorite secret spots in town. The dude who owns this place also ended up owning us. We bought so much stuff... we got some Amish wheat bread, some Amish chicken salad, some Amish dried something something Amish somethings, and stuff. Damn. Damn. Just made a grilled cheese with a Kraft single and wish I used two Kraft singles. So when I was done eating my sandwich I went and just ate another Kraft single outta the fridge. Had this moment of resolution where I was like, "Damn, Karin. If you weren't in a relaysh right now, your nick name would totables be Kraft Single." Cos it's the truest thing that's ever serendipitously aligned in my brain and mouth.