It's a really good thing I'm so damn busy with work Monday through Friday, because I have no time to sit here and think about how miserable I am! What a relief!

It's already been two months since I left California. Ten more to go, I guess! It won't be so bad. These couple of months have flown by but have really REALLY shown me how much I can't stand it here anymore. Moreso than before. Can you imagine? I don't think you can. I don't think you really know how awful of a city this has been to me.

On a cooler edge, I’m about 99% sure I am hearing some mad dogging girl here in town regularly bitch on me. At first I was totally appalled, but strangely enough... I am starting to feel really proud. I don't ever do anything and she totes thinks I’m powerful enough to be The Town Bitch! That’s sort of meaningful to me. Like, that’s a title I’ll happily take, at this point. I’d way rather be that than like… The Underaged Town Slut or The Town Idiot.

Maybe it's the weekend talking. The endless minutes of nothingness. It's 5:20 AM. I'm going to walk to Walmart (this has become one of the only activities I ever do, because it's over a mile away and it kills so much time) to get some spray paint and a staple gun for a reupholstering project I'm doing. After that... I'll probably go to bed. Around 9:00 AM. Until probably 4:00 PM to get up for some food (maybe). And then go to bed again. Until I go to work for 11 hours tomorrow.

The devil is in the details, you guys! Remember that! Take me home! It's all pretend! Life crisis!

The Town Bitch

EDIT: Okay. Okay. I know. It's not that bad. I have text messaging capabilities, I got to talk to Antonio and Monica for a while the other night, and one of my best friends is coming into town in a week. I'm beyond stoked for all of that. Beyond. To infinity and.