It seems like I’ve heard about a new endorsement or product being born from some Internet / reality show star once a week for the last several months, and every time it happens I see the same thing in my Twitter feed and on my favorite blogs. “_____ got an endorsement with _____? Guess my ______ degree/all those years spent doing something I deem legitimate is worthless!”

Yo, people who talk like that: LOL, don’t be stupid.

All of these "reality stars" that I know of that have been picked up for products are people who have made a name for themselves -- whatever that name may be. You know who they are. I know who they are. That's why you're all complaining that we are focusing on the wrong things. These are "legitimate" humans with "legitimate" business strategies and a team of people behind them, trying to GET YOUR REACTION AND BUZZ from it. Legitimate in quotations because screw you for needing things to be founded in some sort of reality in order to accept them. That’s so sad for you and your plain mind. ANYWAY.

I guess I'm talking about Pauly D from Jersey Shore getting a tanning lotion deal with Devoted Creations. You know what? GOOD FOR HIM. He wanted to be a DJ and guess what! He is one now! He gets booked at all these crazy night clubs all over the WORLD now! He manifested his own destiny by using hair gel and having some tight abs! Whatever then! He did it!

Why are people acting like folks who have utilized television to make a name for themselves or their product some sort of frauds or villians? Because they were smart and established an audience for themselves while you were writing poorly-worded opinions on Facebook that no one will ever read? Because you’ve already decided that if your one-man show doesn’t work out, everyone else is wrong? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

If you’re comfortable coming across as a petty hater, more power to you. I enjoy a few petty haters out there. There’s a place for that. But do your research, dudes. You look mad stupid when you’re casting stones at your superiors.

Is this blog post ironic? Because I am using the Internet to whine about people who whine on the Internet?