I remember buying this DVD in college. I loved this movie the first time I saw it and now that I've lived this heartbreaking life of a college graduate for three years, I've been dying to watch it again. Especially because I was, in fact, a Shop Girl myself for two years, and remember identifying with Claire Dane's character long before I was even really at that place. Sometimes I feel like Mirabelle when I'm laying in bed late at night in the house that I basically live in all by myself and I feel proud for being all adult and self sufficient... and kind of really sad about it at the same time.

Plus, not to get all deep on you, but did you know Andrew Largeman was 26 in Garden State? TWENTY SIX. I was, what, 19 when that came out? 26 seemed like infinity. "So glad I'm not at that place in my life," I used to say. I can't go on.