Thursday, September 1, 2011

Researching some science.

I know I sort of signed my own suicide contract in Googling this, but I'm like definitely sure a mommy moth layed eggs on the INSIDE of my driver's side window.

I don't know how a mommy moth got INSIDE of my car in the first place, because I have really horrible OCD with anything involving insects / the South / eggs in general. This morning I was reaching for my iPod in my car, and a moth flew past my face. I screamed, opened the other window, and it flew out. I glanced at my window, and saw dozens of tiny, perfectly patterned white dots.

I reached my finger out.

Why did I reach my finger out? Why?

Why did I have to see if they were INSIDE?

They were inside. And a few of them bounced off and onto my dress. So I screamed. Then I tried the ol' "roll the window down so they disappear" as in, like, when your window is all fogged up and you roll it down so it's all clean again. No. No! That was most definitely the incorrect thing to do. That made even more of them bounce off onto me, and also squished some of the remaining ones... streaking them down my window.

No. If there are baby moths incubating in my car right now (and on my dress) and anywhere else in the world. Damn it. No.

This is why 9/11 happened.