Corrie and I got deliriously stuck on finishing two brand new songs last night (after eating an entire pizza and a half dozen Coke Zeros), so I called Darien to see what he was up to. Darien gets exiled from the house when Corrie and I are writing so that we feel uninhibited and free. He doesn't understand but that's because he doesn't want to understand.

Anyway, we met up with him and some friends at my least favorite coffee shop in Nashville. You know that place where if you show up, you are just bound to run into someone? Because someone is always there? And there's really no reason for this one particular coffee shop to be the all-encompassing hang out spot, but for some reason it's a snowball effect and people just keep going anyway? Anyway we went there. Afterwards we went to see our other friends' band at their tour rehearsal, and Corrie and I ended up just dancing exuberantly and making idiots of ourselves.

Then I came home and threw up twice.