Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm really nervous right now because today when I got home, I walked down my driveway to get the mail to see if my blouse arrived or not, it didn't, it's fine, anyway I got the mail and started walking up my driveway. These two guys in a truck pulled up, STOPPED, and started cat calling me. I wasn't sure if it was real life or just fantasy, but my Strong Woman Instinct kicked in and I turned to flip them both off. Also gave them an ugly face. I do that a lot though, I think it's a defense mechanism. Anyway they drove off, and I felt accomplished.

But then I remembered that now they know where I live and they can see that I'm all alone in this huge house and they'll break in and gang rape me and/or kill me. That is my biggest fear. Getting raped in my bedroom. Or anywhere, really. How awful!!! If anyone out there who reads my blog is a raper, please go away because you ruin lives. I don't have room for that here. This is strictly limited to people who are civilized. Don't even get me started!

Ugh... what was I saying? I don't want the dudes to physically (or emotionally or anythingally) harm me. Also... I am eating chocolate chips in bed.