BEFORE + AFTER: a place for your butt edition

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A month or so ago, I bought two dining room chairs from a girl on Craigslist who had painted and reupholstered the cushion of two older chairs. She sold the pair to me for $80, and while that really isn't terribly expensive for chairs, they weren't restored all that well and probably worth maybe $50. But, she lived in some fancy condo in Green Hills so, whatever. Lesson learned. They're still cool chairs and I won't complain anymore.

I've always wanted to reupholster a chair, but truly... I can't emphasize this enough... I am NOT a DIY person. I see things at Pottery Barn and Pier 1 and say, "Oh, please. I could MAKE that for WAY less." And you know what? I NEVER DO. EVER. The only part of Do It Yourself that I'll ever Do is purchase something as-is. I'm way too lazy.

Well, this project was way easy to Do myself. So if you're like me, and you can't imagine getting out of bed for anything other than peeing &/or getting right back into bed... you should try it yourself! I actually documented it so that you can, in fact, Do It Yourself.

Found this boring chair at Salvies on Charlotte Pike. I hadn't been to that location, but after visiting almost every other thrift store in the greater Nashville area, I've been feeling incredibly downtrodden about the really bad selection everyone has. It's astounding. This location seemed to have a bit of a better inventory so I went ahead and purchased this one as my trial run at reupholstering.

I stopped at the Fabric House on my way back, because I'd heard good things from a few different people about their good selection and reasonable prices. I generally hate going to places like JoAnn because it's all generic cottons, for $15+ a yard. I stumbled upon the exact fabric that my other two dining room chairs were upholstered with, so I grabbed a quarter of a yard of it.

This morning I ran out to Walmart to get white semi-gloss spray paint, as well as a white top coat spray paint and a staple gun (with staples).

My first step was popping off the seat cushion. Some chairs are easier to remove the cushions from, but this one happened to be screwed in on all four corners. So I detached the seat (super easy) and did a few coats of each spray paint.

While I waited for this to dry, I jumped into the new fabric. I watched a quick YouTube video on how to do this, and I didn't even follow all of the steps. I think it took me no more than 10 minutes total.

I guess I should have removed the (fake?) leather from the original cushion, but I just didn't care enough. Then it was just a matter of waiting for the paint to dry on the chair frame, popping the seat back on, and screwing the cushion back into place. Here's the final result!

So now I can have three people sit at my dining room table and their seat cushions will match. The bad news? My white was too white. This may end up being my piano bench. Who cares.

Chair: $9.99
Primer Spray Paint: $4
Top Coat Spray Paint: $4
Staple Gun: $8
Staples: $3

Total Cost: $29

Go make me a sandwich.