Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I was sitting at a table at my work while my little juggalo was taking a nap. Initial thoughts on the job:

1) It's much more physical labor than I thought it would be. And my hours are much longer than I anticipated. Thankfully, I don't have a life (at all), and don't really plan on getting one, so this basically yields a much fatter paycheck.

2) The music I was attempting to write for Corrie in the rare down time I actually have at my job, I realized, should be reserved for those currently suffering a yeast infection. It was that girly, if not moreso. :(

3) I have been so bored. Oh my God.

4) All day long I inappropriately had "Walking on Sunshine" stuck in my head... I feel like that warrants me making you guys promise not to let me kill myself, as that's clearly the sign of a woman on the brink of suicide. Suicide seems like the next logical step after publicly admitting that you kinda can't fight the rhythm.

Speaking of suicide. I feel like there have been an unusual amount of weird deaths from my hometown. First I found out that one of my better friends from high school straight up died last week. Died! I say "better friends" as a loose term, because while we were close in high school, I honestly haven't thought of him in years. When I heard the news, I looked up his Facebook page and it took me a minute to even realize who it was. I didn't recognize him. People were being awfully cryptic in their post-mortum wall posts, and I noticed he was quite the Alexander Supertramp fan... so maybe I am out of line assuming it was suicide... but? Right? ...Then I couldn't remember if we were actually friends or if I just saw him a lot. Then I remembered yes, yes we were friends, we even danced at prom a few times. And I went to his parents' house a few times. And I think my mom actually picked him up in our morning carpool for a year or two. A human who I practically forgot existed. I don't know what I feel worse about...

Anyway, now apparently my orthodontist murdered his wife's elderly parents and then shot himself at their house in Valencia. MY ORTHODONDIST.