Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tonight I raged.

Are you kidding?

Like, I don't even rage anymore.

I haven't raged since 2008, because I was in college and that was like, the "thing" to do.

I feel like after you leave college, you need to get a grip on your rage situation and like, be more of an adult. Rage responsibly. And whatnot.

NO NO. When you are living in a town with unlimited cowboys who are always drunk and ready to rage on a Saturday night, rage on. Rage on.

My friend Lily is in town. Lily was my rage partner when I lived in Chicago immediately after I graduated college. Lily was like... my rage touchstone. Yeah, she'll party with you until 7:00 AM. No doubt. But she'll keep you in line. Lily is in Nashville right now, raging. My friend Dani and I knew she was here, and so we went downtown after raging at some other boring bars (read: bars I enjoy), and literally RAN INTO HER. I don't remember what happened other than a lot of hugging, yelling, screaming, and then she made out with some homie in an alley. Get it, girl. Rage it and get it.

Pardon my Rage Face, but Dani and I had been raging since like, 7:00 PM. Point is, Lily is my jam. Her BFF just moved to Murfreesboro (um, what?), so hopefully this means Lily will be raging here more often. Because Lily rages.