Not to be braggadocious or anything, but. There's something wrong with my laptop battery indicator.

It's been like this for 20 minutes.

Gotta go.

EDIT: Did you guys know that if you want to talk to someone at Apple about your problem but your product is over 3 years old, they want to charge your dumb ass $49 just to talk to them? Just to tell them that their product is anorexic in terms of performance? I don't know what I did, but somehow between me cursing at the automated computer voice on their help line, and being "transferred" to a human, my battery indicator got a damn clue and woke up. It's Friday, battery. You still need to go to work today. You're almost at the weekend. Buck up like the rest of us. You only had to work 49 hours this week. Nobody feels sorry for you, battery. You can get wasted and sleep all day tomorrow. But today, you better show up.