I go back and forth about whether or not I want to share things on Facebook. On the one hand, I have a lot of rando-not-actually-my-friends and also people-I-tried-to-bury-hatchets-with on there, and that makes me uncomfortable because who the hell knows if any of them have it in them to kill me/take things I say seriously... or reading along out of context and using it against me in a public forum (my page is private)... or feeling like they "actually know me" because they can see things that are semi-precious to me, like me talking about how rich I am, and the link to my man’s name under my relaysh status (which I took down months ago to prevent him getting stalked by these people).

On the other hand, it’s not exactly like I have much to hide. The Internet has seen me melt down, several times. There was a while where I documented practically everything I did. Once the Internet has seen you drive across the country twice, you might as well just go straight for the crotch shots, right?

Anyway, I've been taking down all my old employment information, deleted most of my status messages, removed about a hundred pictures and a few dozen friends in an attempt to keep "one thing for myself," but then I realized that if I really want to keep my game stepped up, the least I should do is say who employs me. This is for two reasons: 1) I’ve had a lot of jobs/opportunity come my way because people who have jobs for me realized that I could probably fill that job based on things I’ve said on Facebook/Twitter/this blog, and 2) I want people I went to high school with to realize that yes, the girl who used to have really bad acne and frequently said unnecessary things in class for the sake of her own personal entertainment not only is employed, but she’s probably employed at way more fun places than you, you dumb jerks. You can shove my invite to the ten year reunion up your fat asses. I won’t even go home for Thanksgiving weekend. 

So yeah, I thought about that. And I guess I get paid, like, moreso than almost anyone I know. Wow. Who knew? Most definitely not me. I wish I could throw up that half a Xanax I had this morning, because homegirl ain’t nervous about shit right now.

Plus Corrie and I can harmonize into the wind, but that hasn't produced any revenue yet because I've been busy working on my living.