Why I left Tumblr: A Sattire

Monday, July 4, 2011

I'm looking for blogs that have the following content:

    •    “tasty” vegan recipes
    •    promotional fliers for shows in cities that I don’t live near, starring people I don’t know and have never heard of
    •    photos of other people's animals
    •    tired love quotes typed out, preferably in helvetica, with some obscure photo
    •    updates on things like someone’s-mother-who-I-don’t-know’s health.
    •    pictures of attractive famous people that would never talk to me
    •    images of art from other, more famous blogs with no personal commentary written underneath them.
    •    top 40 music
    •    indie music
    •    constant, repetitive, long-winded essays on “finding yourself”
    •    anything sparkly/animated/sparkly and animated
    •    stills from film and television that I can view on Hulu and/or Netflix Instant Watch
    •    photos and/or updates on your band; you guys don't sound horrible at all

It’s been nearly impossible for me to find anything like this. If anyone knows of any blog platforms that might contain some of these things, can you please let me know? I’m really looking to spice up my RSS.

Also, can a girl get a picture of a well-frosted cupcake?