Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Try as I might, I will never stop drunk blogging.

I filmed myself for about 7 minutes singing the Cranberries this morning. Okay, not singing. Lip-syncing. I think I want to incorporate it into a vlog I have being developed.

It was fun for me because for about two months my iTunes has been out of commish. For some reason I updated it and my music was gone. I've been very angry about this and yelling at people for it. People who aren't involved. It involved my hard drive being too full for more music because of all the iTunes copying going on and whatever. I'm drunk, so I'm just assuming you know what I'm talking about. Go wit it.

Darien is rambling on the phone about some guy fucking him. Hopefully not literally; but if so, I support it. Cos I support gays. I believe in them and understand love. Let people love. Nothing wrong with love. Unless it's like... underage Internet hos. That's where I draw the line. UIH's.

Anyway I figured out my iTunes glitch and now I'm listening to Katy Perry because like, I'm drunk and wearing a dress. Made sense to me.

I showed Summer and the girl replacing me at my job a picture of my dog today and cried a little bit.

That's all I got tonight.