I need to talk about my sister's cat.

His name is Meow Meow because he meows all day long. I'm not joking. One time Darien and I had to drive from LAX to Woodland Hills to babysit Meow Meow the night before Coachella while my sister was out of town. He thought it was a big joke, calling him Meow Meow. No. He meow'd all night long. Meow. Meow.

He died last night. This morning. Meow Meow, that is. I am so sad about this situation. I guess he just dropped dead. My sister took him to the vet and the vet said, "it was just his time to go." Bullshit. Meow Meow should have been immortal. He was a rescue cat that only had half a tail. He would snuggle up on me and he totally knew I was allergic but I didn't care because he was full of love. He came from the streets. He needed that love.

I loved him. And I am so sad for my sister. Meow Meow was the bombest cat you could have ever imagined. I don't even like cats cos they make my eyes puff. But now I realize it was puffed with love.

RIP Meow Meow. I love you always. I hope you are getting chased by Mickey, who died almost exactly a year ago. I hope you are kissing each other, too. Bridging the gap between the eternal feud between cat and dog.