Glad to see that I haven't given up my drunk blogging/tweeting yet.

Yesterday I got home from work super early. My dad was in the kitchen with a bunch of wrapping paper, getting presents ready for someone. I asked what was going on, he turned around, and yelled at me to "go to my room." Haha, dad. Hope you enjoyed your last time ever being able to say that to a daughter.

A few minutes later, he called for me to come back down. He let me know that since I will not be around for my birthday this year, he wanted to get me some presents to open now and pretend it's my birthday. Can you even stand that? First of all, DADS, RIGHT? My dad is just too much. He even sang happy birthday to me. My birthday isn't until September. I just... couldn't stand it.

The first thing I opened was a smaller box, and when I turned it around I saw it was a new Canon Powershot. My dad gave me a Powershot when I graduated high school. It's an inch from death now, but sometimes if I shake it real hard I can get a few shots out of it. I was mentioning that I always wanted a replacement because using my SLR for quick and easy shots has become cumbersome, and I more often just use my phone.

Real sweet. And he got it in this sparkly blue color. Because "the red looked a little gay."

Second gift I opened was a cute little carrying case for it. It even had a hook for my belt loop. You know I wouldn't feel too threatened to rock a camera on my belt loop.

And thirdly, a 16GB memory card. 16?! Are you kidding me now, dad? I don't think I've ever had one over 2GB. Blow my mind.

Anyway, we were playing around with the camera and every minute or so, an error message would come up on the screen and shut the whole thing off. We tried a different memory card, and same thing. So we start Googling this crap and guess what? My camera is defective. Straight up. I think the words "fatal error" were included in the error's description.

My dad's heart sank, and so of course my heart sank. He said, "I just wanted you to have a new point and shoot for your trip out to Tennessee." I kept explaining that it wasn't his fault and that I'm sure Amazon would replace it free of charge, he just sat there... all sad.

Anyway, so we got drunk. That's what I was trying to tell you.