For some reason, yesterday (aka the day I survived through with only 3 hours of interrupted sleep) I was full of energy and got my stuff done. Last night, I fell asleep during Weeds (don't tell me what happened, even though it was probably super stupid), and slept until my alarm at 5 this morning. And I have been draggin' all day. Can't wake up. Bad mood.

I think things might be slowly starting to sink in. The amount of packing and planning that needs to be taken care of.

Today I had my last rehearsal with Nikki... ever. There was a brief moment where she said, "this will be the last time we play this song together..." and the three of us teared up. I think it was my first real emotional moment about everything since it became official. I mean, I always get sad thinking about not getting to kiss Duke everyday. I didn't even think I'd be that sad to move onto my own musical project with Corrie full-time. I mean, I'm not sad about that. But, right? You'd think it would be exciting? It is. We sound really great. I mean really great. And like, I NEVER say that about myself.*