"Did you get my last text?"

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Let me explain why this is the dumbest thing you can ever text anyone.

First of all, it's an entirely open-ended question if it is asked by someone with whom you frequently text message. How are you supposed to know to what text they are referring? Especially if there are dozens of texts in your recent conversation?

So, in some ways... yeah! I did get it! How do I know we are talking about the same text, though? What if it didn't come through? How would I then know? Because, if I never received it, but I received previous texts, I would be communicating to you that I received your text, when really I didn't. Or, I could just say... no, I didn't. And then receive a slew of texts that yeah, actually, I did receive.

The only case in which this would be an appropriate question is during the very beginning of a text conversation that has previously not existed.

Here is an example of what I mean:

A: Oh man, I had so much fun at the Coldplay concert! They played all my favorite songs, I even started to cry because they are so good!
B: That's awesome. But, I think you are overreacting about Coldplay.
A: No. I'm not. Because no band is better.
A: Anyway, I also wanted to tell you that I am probably going to kill myself.

Let's say I never received that last text. And then Person A texts me, "Did you get my last text?" I would think, sure, you think Coldplay is the best. Person A would then go on thinking I know he/she is going to commit suicide, and that I just don't care. Then they die.

And you know what? It's that person's fault. Not mine. You ask a dumb question and you end up dead. You see how serious of an offense this is?

All I'm saying is you need to clarify your shit when communicating.