always say thank you.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'll just tell you now. Had a bad day (not going into it). Went to my favorite Mexican restaurant/crunkspot. Immediately. Alone. I got unsobered and now I'm home and the first best decision I’ve made so far was taking off my skirt and sitting in my underwear, but the second best decision was getting the mail at 7:31 PM because the final installment of my inheritance checks came. I am so rich but only in monetary terms. Also I need a new phone but I bought my current "smart" phone 1 and a half years ago and it cost me $250 because I never sent the $100 rebate in, I have to get my money’s worth out of this thing. It only has a few months left, tops. And I paid $250 for it. Because I am a child who shuns responsibility. Idiot.

I cried to my bartender today. Cried. I walked in, sat at the bar, and cried. He laughed at me a little, because he "gets me" and knows I have days like this sometimes. I guess the chick sitting at the table next to me overheard everything about how I had a bad day and can't afford a Cadillac margarita and so on. By the time my taco and first margarita came, my bartender said, "remember that lady over there? She wanted us to tell you that this was on her. She picked up your tab. And she wanted us to wait for her to leave before we told you. You're a sweet girl, even she knew it. You'll be all right."

So I cried again, because dammit I wanted to say thank you. Makes me feel silly to cry about seemingly nothing and than have so many amazing people around me, just handing me things, reassuring me. But dammit you guys. Let me at least say thanks.