Revisiting friendships

Friday, June 3, 2011

You know what WOULD happen? You know what just makes sense to happen to me because the universe doesn't respect me? What WOULD happen is I grab brunch with Darien and our dude friends Darren and Paul, and their dude friends, and have a great brunch with lots of laughs, and go back to their recording studio in Hollywood to listen to the new record, and walk in to see a guy I dated in college working for the record's producer.

No. You are supposed to not exist anymore. I determined years ago that you simply do not exist. You are not on Earth anymore. You live in a part of space that has no life forms on it.

That just WOULD happen to me. Of course. Because I spit in the universe's face one time, probably a long time ago, and this is its way of karmic payback, because I am never awkward enough, there is never enough UGH to go around in my life. Ever.

So anyway, last night he sent me a friend request and a message apologizing for being the worst human alive a few years ago, so we are friends again. Facebook fixes everything, doesn't it? Facebook has its Doctorate in Friendship. Thank you Facebook for providing the tools for us all to build a bridge and get the hell over it.

This is a blog post about letting boys apologize to you.