Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This is what I'm bringing to Nashville for my five-day trip:

- Whatever is on my body when I leave
- A backpack with three dresses
- A suitcase jam-packed with all my winter coats (will be explained in a future blog)
- Cinnamon apple straws (Seriously, go to your nearest Sam's Club and pick up a giant bag of Cinnamon Apple Straws. Best snack invention ever. Sam's Club hooked my shit up so hardcore it was retarded.*)
- Phone charger
- A folder with papers (will be explained in a future blog)
- A notebook / itinerary
- 3 Xanax
- This chick sobfest book Summer lent me

I'm not even dreading the trip (although it should be noted that I've already cried twice today because I am going to miss Duke so gosh darn much). But who's ready to party? (But like, don't call me, cos I get weird about answering my phone and I'll probably be busy complaining about my cramps and eating my favorite ice cream and crying.)

*best/worst sentence I've ever written