For any guy out there who's not sure what having your period does to a woman, I have cried about all of the following things:

1. Our gardener, who we have employed for ten years, brought his handicapped son to help clip our roses. His son did not used to be handicapped. I'd be willing to say he wasn't even handicapped two months ago. Even worse, I went out to buy some foundation at Target, and when I got back his son was sort of blocking my driveway, and then scurried all flustered-like to get out of my way. With his legs that don't even work. I was like, OH MY GOD, PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME, I'M SO SORRY, I'LL GO BACK TO TARGET IF IT'S BETTER FOR YOU. Cried two times. Can't stand it. Bless his heart, I'm going to cry again.

2. The fact that all dogs eventually die.

3. I cannot text my dog.

4. I'm supposed to go to a music festival today in Ventura but I already know I'm going to flake.

5. Darien and I broke up for 5 hours.

6. My nights sleeping in this bed, in this room, are numbered.

7. My gardener's son is handicapped.