Tonight Monica and I did La Cocina in like, my hometown or something. It was random, but we actually had a ton of fun, considering Antonio COMPLETELY DITCHED US. I'd say we were the easily the youngest people in the bar, and after the cougars left, I'd say we were the drunkest, too. Some bros named Antonio and Matt STOLE MY HEART because I had to explain three times that Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day. Like, honestly. This bro Antonio (not our usual Antonio, some bro who happened to be named Antonio & thought we were talking mad shit about him, but really we were talking MAD SHIT about our real Antonio) got serious Michael Bolton/John Mayer face and Monica was just like, really awesome and serious about it. Gosh. These guys were Nightmare Status. My whole point of even talking to them was to get free drinks. Finally, they bought us both another margarita (4 or 5 total for me?) We totally got through it, but like, there's really something humbling about going to a bar with your one good looking friend who has a baby needing to be breastfed in a few. If you ever start to get a big head, just go to a bar with a friend who needs to breastfeed in a few. That's all I'm saying.