Today I

Monday, May 16, 2011

  • Started using bullet points
  • Made a tube top in 30 minutes
  • Double-sneezed (achoo-achoo-choo)
  • Discovered Chocolate Cheerios
  • Drove around Hollywood for 30 minutes (note: the same amount of time it would take me to make a tube top) to find parking near Kate's house. Then, I walked a mile to her house, and there was a spot right out front.
  • Killed myself
  • Picked up Sars (the human, not the disease; although, being friends with Sarah is sort of like a disease that you never want to be cured of) and went to Yoglandies.
  • Talked about deep stuff. Real deep. Deeper than deep. Gay things.
  • Drove all over Commonwealth because Sars announced that Michael Cera walks up and down Commonwealth regularly.
  • Then Sarah told us that he drives a silver Prius; so we pulled over every time we saw a silver Prius and then "casually walked by and looked at all of the things inside to determine if it was Michael Cera's."
  • RAN after a boy we thought was him.
  • It wasn't. KATE.
  • Screamed at a gargoyle
  • Went to see my spirit angel Stacy sing at the Troubadour
  • Was told I was "hot" by the guy in charge of the VIP "security" area. OH COME ON.
  • Froze outside
  • Got home, so I can sleep for three hours before I get up for work
And I didn't take a single picture. And where are my Cheerios?