What we've been up to

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I don't even remember what was happening in my life a few days ago, so this recap might not be without holes. Both Darien and Corrie were in town at once. It's fine.

This is what happened the past few daze:

1) Darien and I went to Disneyland because that is the kind of place we go on dates. The night before we stayed at a cute little shack in Anaheim called the Lemon Tree, but I spent most of the night complaining about how I couldn't sleep, so I'm not interested in going down that road right now. We left early and I drove in 2 and a half hours of traffic to meet up with Corrie, who had just flown in.

2) That night we ate Mexican food and went to an improv show at... my old high school. How jealous am I that my old high school has an improv team? Ugh. In high school we (me and lady friends) always went to the Saugus Cafe or our lame Mall. Because back then, I guess, we thought... Why would we sit around and create an improv team in a suburb when we can stare at middle-class Americans strolling around a chain discount store in their best post-work casual buying things that they don't need? (I bought buffalo wing flavored mac and cheese once. I'm not innocent. I'm just saying that's what goes on there. Have you ever seen the dollar section at Target? It's a place like that where you realize exactly how someone like George W. Bush gets voted in to office not once, but twice. Humanity is a disaster these days, you guys.) Anyway, it wasn't even funny, so I guess I still win in the game of ME vs. HIGH SCHOOLERS.

3) Darien took me down to the Grammy museum Saturday. Huge exhibit on the Beatles (complete with hand-written John Lennon lyrics). Afterwards we ate at Wolfgang Puck, which later gave me a case of the icks. Went over to Universal Studios around 4:00, thinking that was a good idea. Wrong. Darien escaped with a new tank top and flip flops, though.

4) Sunday the three of us went down to Santa Monica to get our H&M on. Got some sweet Ozzy shades. Had dinner at sunset at Chart House because we didn't think we had spent enough money. We came back to my place and I was all thinking, "Dude! Hanson this week! I'm going to get crazy drunk and do that!" Lots of adults read this blog and I'm not proud to announce that, but I thought it would be a special day and I'm doing good things with my life, so Mom and anyone else who may be appalled by my behavior: I love you. I'm sorry I'm an asshole. Now let's party big in '11, right? Year's almost half over and it's Tuesday. (Addendum to when I originally wrote this: I'm not even going because I'm an adult.)

5) Tonight I felt like baking something with sweet potatoes, and then decided to bake brownies. I realize that I don't have any brownie mix. It's sad to think that I could start this process, assuring myself that I simply MUST have brownie mix somewhere. This is an example of my former unhealthy lifestyle, you guys. I used to assume that if it's disgusting and delicious at the same time that it's probably in my possession somewhere. We do have one box from 2007. I feel like I can't even remember 2007. I feel like that was before I was born it was so long ago. Just keep reading.

6) Anyway, I'm back at my house and kissing my dog. In existence there is a five minute video of me kissing my dog but I can't put it up because it's technically just a shot of Duke's jowls framed by some ample cleavage. The cleavage shot was an accident. Point is: It's too sexy/degrading for this blog, and that's really saying something. Have you guys seen how I degrade myself? Don't worry, I'm in on the bit. It's controlled degrading, which isn't even really degrading at all. Yay! We all win!

7) I love having Corrie in town because we laugh about people we don't know that well. Don't worry, not you. I can pretty much promise we weren't laughing about you. Anyone we were laughing at would have quit reading this about one thousand words ago due to exhaustion and then they'd go treat themselves to something really, REALLY bad, like a pint of frogert and a Sex in the City marathon (quoting all of Samantha's lines and like, completely relating even though they are totally still a Carrie!)

Anyway. Point is, I'm taking the night off to blog and sleep. Koop left this afternoon and Corrie has dinner plans with someone other than me. So, sorry Hanson, my bed wins this time. I'm 90% sure Corrie and I are going to initiate the beginning stages of our bluegrass album one of these days. I already spent about an hour playing guitar so I'm practically a Hendrix.