Nothing funny.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ok, one thing is funny.

Tonight, we went to karaoke girls night at a local Mexican restaurant known for being somewhat uncool. Halfway through our first round, a male friend of mine asks what we're all up to. I tell him he is welcome to join our girls night if he and anyone he brings understands that we were all ladies with great men in our lives and there would be no funny business. So they joined. We sang really stupid songs and towards the end, I see a chubby hispanic man with a Lakers shirt on and a HUGE unsightly birthmark on his face just rocking out by himself on the stage. I'm like, come on. I dig on that stuff. So I went to dance with him (nothing freaky, mostly me flailing my arms around and whipping my huge shirt back and forth to the Michael Jackson medley). Well, some homegirl wasn't down with my moves and got up in my face about dancing with him. Her words: "Yeah, you BETTER be sorry!"

It's my instinct whenever females get competitive with me to be like, DON'T LET ME GET TO YOU, GIRL.

Anyway. The record Corrie and I are working on is going well. We have ONE song almost completed. Which means it is going well in our books. Yay.