Brief update

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Okay. Bullet points because I meant to go to bed hours ago.

  • Corrie has been in town so long it's starting to feel like she lives here. This is my favorite part of being alive. We finished up a real good song and I'm going to try my hand at adding instruments. This will probably turn into a giant shit show, but at least I'll have something to do while she is gone.
  • Monday evening, my family got the call that my grandmother died. It was unexpected and the beginning of one of the longest weeks of my life.
  • Tuesday & Wednesday were business as usual; 3:00 AM Thursday morning I was up & heading to the airport. Stopped in Dallas and took a much smaller jet to Grand Rapids. Rented a car and drove nearly two hours to Crystal where her visitation was. I love my family and am super proud of where I come from. I feel lucky to have been able to go.
  • Friday morning was the official funeral. This day marked the first time I have ever seen my father actually cry. It was emotional. Lit'rally.
  • A few hours later, I was taking the nearly-two-hour drive back to Grand Rapids, and hopped back on a plane headed home.
  • I had the weekend to recover, so we decided to go out last night for a few drinks. It ended in me falling and hurting my foot. Bad. Spent this morning in the ER getting X-rays done. No broken bones, just bruised bones (and ego). Idiot.
  • Corrie leaves tomorrow and that makes me want to totally give up being alive.
And here is a photo of how cute we are.