Thursday, March 3, 2011

I've been having nonstop nightmares the past few nights. Mostly about a non-existent website I don’t work for. Other things I’ve been having nightmares about? Calendars, boys, fighting with friends. The one about calendars was weird because, from what I remember, I just got a really ugly calendar and it was super upsetting for some reason. I woke up all like, “Damn, girl. You’re so boring you’re dreaming about calendars?” Guess it’s pretty symbolic.

Want to know what I wore yesterday? Shoes with holes in the bottom of them that I didn’t know had holes in the bottom of them until I stepped in my first puddle. Oh, because it started raining outside on my way to rehearsal. Actually, I think the rain JUST stopped. My dog won’t pee in the rain because he’s above it, so I probably have to get up soon and walk out there with an umbrella. I was also wearing five shirts and my recently re-acquired stretchy pants (hiding in my closet this whole time)! I looked like a homeless, but that’s aight ‘cause I’m living the life of a blogger.

After rehearsal I was running through the rain to my car and this crazy man in camouflage walked up to me and asked for a cigarette. I kept being like “I don't smoke,” but it wasn’t penetrating his noggin. Then this lady with an umbrella who looked kinda normal walked by and I smiled at her because I was like “Oh, look! My kind of person!”. Then she started screaming across the street to nobody “FIX YOUR HAIR. YOU WEAR FAKE HAIR. GET YOUR ASS TO A SALON AND FIX YOUR HAIR.” At first I thought she was making fun of me because as we all know, I DO wear fake hair to ehnance my situation (sometimes I wish I had some dope clip in extensions, no lies), but then I realized she was just batshit. Sad for days. Sad about crazy people. Wish I was more or less like them.