I think I had disturbing dreams all night.

I've also been having recurring dreams about ride failures at amusement parks. Either watching them, or being involved in them.

In this dream, I was at the Malibu house where I stay. All of my college friends were there, and we were having a huge party in the living room. A girl I used to be really close with showed up and began ripping me apart verbally. It was frustrating because none of the things she was saying were true or reflective of what happened between the two of us, and no matter how hard I pushed my voice out, there was silence. Eventually, I was screaming... without any sound. She left the room after her rampage, and one of my friends looked at me and said, "Don't worry. Girl is bat-shit crazy." Which, yeah.

This is a common theme in dreams for me. Some tacky ass who has something against me somewhere in the world sits and yells at my face. I'm sure it's my subconscious's way of coping with the fact that someone I used to call a close friend now has such an unfounded, unrealistic, and distorted view of what took place between us. Look, we don't need to get deep here. I'm sure that's it, and I'm sure it's my way of admitting that it bothers me, and sweeping emotions under the rug is only safe until you fall asleep and it can creep out and slap you in the face and shake you enough to write a blog instead of getting on the treadmill and working off all that guacamole you consumed eight hours ago. It's like that, you guys.

For some reason, I have attracted an unusually high number of girls who are way too concerned about what everyone else is doing because it distracts them from all the shit they’re personally failing at, but is that any better than avoiding conflict so much that you then turn into a doormat, allow people to treat you in a way you don't deserve because they themselves are insecure with how they've treated you, and be a rug-sweeper-under?

I was a psychology major for two years. That's practically a doctor, and a hell of a lot more informed on the subject than probably 95% of you. I used to have to write 14-page papers every three days.

Oh, and even better.