I hope that when shit falls in to place to me (or, I should say, I finally manage to figure out how to live life again) that I can live like Nicki Minaj. Not to say she has it great, cos having to sleep with Lil Wayne for a record deal doesn’t exactly seem like something I’d really want to aspire to, but I’d like to be this kind of fly bitch. I’d like to say things like "Well, how much does he want?" when someone says something like "They don’t think the Bentley will be done this week," as though throwing money at the situation will make a car appear in front of me. I’d also like to wear whatever I want all the time and not have to worry about whether or not I even own any office-appropriate attire. I want it to be one of those things where everyone feels like they have to dress up to see me, but if I choose to roll up in a pair of skin tight hot pink pants it won’t matter. Of course I want everyone around me to be comfortable, but I want my look to set the standard in the room. "Oh, we could have dressed more casually. Karin's casual today." On dressy days, I want to spruce up my look by throwing on diamonds and a calf-length jacket with some fabulous dress under it. I want to look like I am perpetually on my way to the club/recovering from the club/getting ready to go back to the club. Even if I’m not even a party person anymore. I want to constantly look like I haven’t gotten dressed, but that I have made a wardrobe decision. That’s how Nicki looks to me and that’s what I want to be, too. I guess in some ways I'm already there. So, I have that going for me.