Also, can I complain more? Can I? Because I will.

I have only had some cereal and a big glass of water today. I have a pounding headache from what I guess is mild dehydration but I am so physically ill with stress (impending car insurance payment, dental work being denied by insurance [the insurance I waited six years to get so I could go to the dentist], driving to a women's clinic twice because I was told all I needed to do was fill out paperwork for my low-income women's health care card because oh yeah my insurance doesn't cover anything, feeling inadequate and unprepared for life in general) that I cannot take a sip of water.

Which is such a shitty thing to complain about. Hi, I’m obviously making everything worse for myself and doing nothing to stop it. Let’s be friends, I bet you don’t have enough friends who complain about utter shit that is totally avoidable.