God's intentions

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My weekend Country Tour Getaway (CTG) has been canceled due to circumstances beyond my diva control. I've been looking forward to the CTG because A) It's been a while since I've left the state via airplane (October, to be exact), and B) I never see my boyfriend because he is on the CTG all year long.

I was mostly excited because I was going to be flying into New Orleans, which is in my top 5 favorite cities of all time. Seriously, if any of you out there have a free flight, or win the lottery and can go to any destination in the country, go to New Orleans. Sans two of the biggest disasters in recent history taking place there, it's a really incredible town.

Anyway, people get bitchy and go on diva power trips and so this time around, I have to stay put. It's fine. I'm going to do a lot of fun things like sleep all day and make dresses and talk to myself.

Oh. Anyway. The point of this blog post. If you see me this weekend and you wonder why I have a bruised, swollen lip, it is because my dog just punched me in the face with his paw. He punched me right in the face.

Man, I can’t wait to walk around in public like this. That will surely be the best part. Because I’m just so darn attractive already. Thank God I have something to tone down my looks. God knows I needed that. God's intentions don't run deep.