This day is dedicated to Taylor Swift

Monday, January 24, 2011


Do you know that just because a male interacts with you, it doesn't necessarily mean he wants to date you? And when he lets you know that he doesn't want to date you, you don't have to write a song about it?

Like, do you know that?

Can you stop being so boy crazy for, like, a minute?

I just don't want you to get a text from a boy and be like, "OMG, HE STILL LIKES ME!" and then you 40 grit sandpaper your whole face the next day. It's kind of destructive. Just a little dramatic. You're like the girl on Twitter who doesn't just unfollow everyone who doesn't follow her, she blocks them and reports them for spam. Are we speaking the same language yet? Chill.

Just have a little discretion, is what I'm saying.