Shopping addiction

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So on Sunday, Darien and I went on a thrift shopping spree and visited several Goodwill locations and other sketchy areas. In one of the shops in North Hollywood, I found a green coat that I totally loved. It was kind of grimy and made of a material I'm sure I couldn't toss into the washing machine (also, LOL @ me pretending like I ever do laundry). I left without it but immediately felt the remorse setting in. So yesterday, I went back for it.

The lining was ripping out and the collar was falling apart. I knew there was no way anyone had picked it up.

But, like, everyone hates me and it wasn't there. And I can't stop thinking about it. I'm actually in denial about it. Like I want to go back again and see if maybe it was just put back in the wrong section. Is that obsessive of me?

Yeah because at the time I thought $9.99 was too much for a coat.

Never waking up in 2011.