Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I have never been a big make-up person. Sure, I have my little baggie that has liquid foundation, powder foundation, blush, eye shadow / liner, and mascara. I have what I need to not look like a crap-wrapped glow worm. But I've never been the kind of girl who wears make-up everyday, or buys cosmetics from anywhere other than Walmart or Target.

But girls. Check this out. I'm not even being paid to tell you this. Next time you are browsing those beauty aisles at Target, treat yourself to Cover Girl's Aqua Smoothers. It's tinted facial moisturizer.

The photo above has not been retouched or altered in any way. I took a make-up sponge and used it all over my face like foundation. First of all, it's oil-free (aka no clogged pores). Second of all, my face is softer than a newborn's ass. You wouldn't even believe it. I don't even feel like I NEED foundation. So I put some mineral blush on my cheeks... and I look like I've never been in the sun in my life.

Anyway. This 1.35oz bottle set me back about $6, and if you ask me there is no price on keeping your situation moist. And, if you have the connections at Cover Girl, let them know I fully endorse this product and if they were interested in product placement on my blog for some cash money, I won't even have to lie to people about how great it is. Because I am a business woman with the greatest skin in the game.