Just adjusting to my role as an army wife. Except, I'm not a wife, and not involved with anyone in the army. But normally I don't explain myself so I guess I am just in a giving mood...

I don't like talking about too much of my personal personal life on this blog just because Lifetime Originals are real and I don't want to wake up dead. But, at the risk of sounding like an army wife, I'll go ahead and let you guys know that Darien is back out on the road for the entire year. What's really fun about his tour schedule this year is he has his weekdays off and weekend shows; whereas I work weekdays and tend to lounge on weekends. This leaves our time together with him either flying out during the week, or me flying out to weekend shows. South Dakota, take me away.

Well. Anyway. So that's happening. Tomorrow night I'm going to Cha Cha to perhaps consume a few cold ones and carry on conversations about myself. Speaking of that, I was watching some Dr. Drew special on VH1 today about the link between addiction and narcissism, and how celebrities tend to have a much higher level of narcissism (duh) and also tend to come from families where addiction is prevalent. But, I come from a family with some alcoholism, and I totally love talking about myself... but I have no problem steering away from substances and monitoring my buzz. Why is that, Dr. Drew? I'm not trying to joke about addiction, or even make light of it. Anna Nicole's death affected me pretty badly. That's so cool for Howard K. Stern that he keeps getting away with the murder of the closest thing to royalty our fair nation ever had. But anyway.

If I sound scattered, it’s because I am. It’s because deep down I know that it will be impossible to maintain this level of freshness until the death. At some point, I’ll be less fresh but maybe, hopefully, by then I will re-learn how to read and hold conversations about things other than myself.

Anyway, come hang out with me because my boyfriend is on tour for the rest of my life.