It snowed in my hometown yesterday. Completely unexpectedly and went somewhat unnoticed via satellite until everyone looked out their windows and said to themselves, "that is snow."

Here is the thing about snow in Southern California. The end of the world.

I'm serious. And don't even pretend like you guys like snow. You don't know snow. Snow is directly related to the devil. While yesterday was interesting in a fish-out-of-water sense... it only shows us that the end of the world is coming. 2012. Fingers and toes crossed.

But movies like 2012 are stupid because, like, if the off chance we all got balls out lucky enough to have the world end in smoke and flames and explosions in our lifetime, there'd be nothing to save. Really. Ocean colonies would be pointless. Everything would be pointless. It wouldn't be like the tsunamis where all the people got together and helped each other. We'd all be killing ourselves and waiting around in our living spaces for everything to fall apart around us until we're buried in the debris that once was the place we called home. There'd be no Maya Angelou and Elie Wiesel crap. Families would be doing themselves a disservice by trying to stay together. The longer you have to live in a universe where that would happen is a punishment for your and everyone else involved. Just let go, man. At least you don't have to pay back your credit cards.

Not to mention we're all just going to get vaporized by gamma rays a couple of minutes after the Sun explodes because GUYS, THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS. It won't be all terrorizing or dramatic. Pretty much -- ZAP -- we're dead.

So who else is excited about my period coming in a few days?