The updates on this blog have been upsetting the last few days (more so than usual, I should say.)

It's not that I don't have thoughts that I want to share anymore, it's just that lately I wind up spacing out mid-sentence while I'm trying to communicate something and wires get crossed, ya know? It's a lot like talking to me in real life.

This past weekend I ate a ton, and only worked out half as much, and actually drank some alcohol and barely slept (until, like, yesterday at 5pm when I passed out for 12 hours). Ya know, big kid stuff. Things that adults do.

I'm going to drink some orange juice and take vitamins and hope that I remember how to add numbers and use a keyboard and communicate words tomorrow. The numbers aren't that important, actually. I have a calculator on my phone. I need the keyboard though. That's the big one.

Oh. Yeah. So, sorry or whatever.