shut up, shut up, shut up!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

You know when you're feeling super jumbo busy and you have a ton of windows open on your desktop and you minimize your email to cross-reference something and at that moment someone decides to Facebook chat* you twenty times in a row and your computer makes that "POP, POP, POP" Faceface sound so loudly that it feels like a short, angry man with steel-tip boots is kicking you directly in the temple?

Perhaps it's the stress talking, but I believe that this is the sound I will hear right before I finally lose it and shoot up everyone.

I'm not even that busy. I'm not doing anything remotely interesting. I need to hem this vintage skirt (AGAIN, BECAUSE IT ISN'T SHORT ENOUGH), hem a black jersey dress, and try figuring out if I should hem one of my Mexican maxi (Maxican?) dresses. It's long sleeved, BRIGHT RED, with multi colored embroidery on it. I feel like someone probably got married in this dress. In 1967. How can I so disrespectfully chop it all short and wear it with flip flops like an entitled California girl? I don't know why I'm feeling so emotional about vintage clothing that cost me no more than $5 that I never wear anyway, but the past few days it's been almost impossible for me to make any decisions.

I'm totally wiped just thinking about it and it's really not even anything. What a baby.

*I rarely Faceface chat. I'm an iChat kind of person. However, I discovered you can hook up your iChat to Faceface and it'll go straight to iChat. Secondliness, I can't find my buddy window for Faceface. So I'll think I'm only signed onto my regular chat, and I'm getting messages from people from high school who I only allow to see my profile out of sympathy, and I just don't really understand why so-and-so from 9th grade Pre-calc wants to shoot the shit with me anyway.

Suprise! I'm pre-menstrual.