Married to Rock

Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's not a surprise that I am a huge fan of all the reality shows the E! network puts out. I eat it all up. It's probably because they all involve successful independent women, but that could just be my crazy lady feelings helping me feel more in tune.

But you guys? I absolutely loathe this one. The newest installment of trash television is the show Married to Rock. The premise surrounds a handful of musicians who play for big-time rock & roll acts. According to its official description, "the show will attempt to debunk common myths about the lifestyles of rock artists and their families."

Unfortunately for E!, the show actually depicts every stereotype in the music industry that you could think of. It is disgusting.

Married to Rock is a wildly inaccurate and overly fantasized version of what life on the road / life with someone who travels is like.

Here's an example. In the episode I just watched, one of the musician's wife declared (as opposed to asked) that her friend (another musician's girlfriend) would be going out on a small leg of the tour. She then purchases hundreds of dollars worth of Hello Kitty paraphernalia and DECORATES the tour bus with it. As if significant others can simply declare when they will be gracing the tour bus... with their friends and then decorate the bus in hot pink kittens.

If you have been watching this show and striving to meet a musician so you can live the life these girls are living, well, get cry tampons for a heavy flow of tears cos that ain't gonna happen.

Thought cha knew.