I've had this just-below-the-knee paisley patterned tiered dress in my possession for over a year. It was a $4.99 find at Salvies with the original destiny of being turned into a tank top.

I'm wearing it right now, unaltered. I woke up with the gusto to get through a pile of my To Be Altered bag and I've gotten this far. Wearing one of the dresses as is. Two people stopped me while I was out running errands for my "boss" today to compliment the dress. (I say "boss" in quotes because she is more my friend than an employer, and I end up staying at her house hours after my "shift" is over just so we don't both die of crippling loneliness until the morning.) So now I'm totally confused, but I shouldn't be... it's a $4.99 dress I haven't worn until now, and probably won't wear again until I change it somehow.

Anyway. I'm having a really hard time deciding what to do, Internet. The fabric is an amazing cotton/rayon blend. It is not at all my style, and marked a size large... so it could use a good nip/tuck.

I think it would look cool as a slouchy tank. I'm even considering keeping my trim 2" below the hemline so I'd get a nice little ruffle bottom. I mean, I know probably none of you sews out there, and sewing is a big part of my life, so I need you to stop yawning and pay attention before I really go over the edge.

Help me make a decision! Someone!