Here we go again.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I am feeling all sorts of regret.

On the last tour, Mutemath was opening for 30 Seconds to Be a Bag of Dicks, but the opener of the whole show was Neon Trees. They were pretty unknown. And they were a fun live show (the ONE NIGHT I watched) and had a girl drummer (if you want me to endorse something, give me a strong female doing something bitchin and I'm on board). Anyway, now I'm all kinds of obsessed because I don't know a good thing when it is screaming in my face every night and I feel like such a snob for sitting on the bus eating sliders and french fries as if nothing important was happening inside the venue.

I'm such a dick.

Good news is I'm picking Darien up at el auropuerto in a bit and I'm gonna make him re-live that entire tour and maybe cry about it a little.