Diva Til I Die

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How cute is she? Makes me wish I had black hair still. I think Katy Perry has mastered the art of Personal Branding, which I am SO OBSESSED WITH (other notable females I never stop thinking about: Anna Nicole, Fran Drescher, Kristin Wiig). She is either the best personal brander EVER or she is not in on her own bit. Like maybe there's a level where she can tone it down, but under it all she really does love outrageous outfits and being called a bad role model?

Sure, she sells sex. She sings about objectification. She is a whore to the entertainment machine. Um... guys? She is in charge of everything she does. On her terms.

I find a lot of similarities between Katy and myself. Yeah.

For example, if someone is going to have to have the wind knocked out of her sails, it might as well be me because I’m fabulous enough to keep my head up when I need to. I am a precious diamond with the soul of the wisest leopard in the animal kingdom. I have the soul of a wise-ass leopard and a diamond-like quality. That’s what I’m like. So is Katy. That’s who we are. The Divas.