"But here’s my beef with homosexuals: Do you really have to be flamboyant about your gayness every place you go? Can’t there be one sector of our society where you dial down with your sexual bent, say, for the greater good? Huh? We get it. You’re here. You’re queer. You’re loud, and you’re proud. Yippee. Now, we have a war to win."

True, because every gay person on Earth just walks around asking people if they want to fuck later. Gayness = unparalleled synonym to promiscuity. I don't know any straight people who walk into the club and ask people if they want to bump uglies later. That isn't a human thing, it's a gay thing. Plus, every gay person insists that every person ever acknowledges their sexuality and commends them for it.

"I can understand why homosexual men would want to join the military. Number one: It’s Dude Central. Number two: The military lends itself to the gays’ fastidiousness over everything being orderly because everyone, from top to bottom, is required to keep their clothes, boots, room and gear nice, neat and shiny."

Also important to note: ignorance, avoidance, and mockery will very easily make homosexuality go away, so I can see why you would use such sound reasoning in your arguments. And yes, you're right. Gay people should live in shame forever. What we really meant by saying "with liberty and justice for all" was "with liberty and justice for people who don't threaten or scare me with their differences of opinion, skin color, gender, and sexual preference." Because all of those things are really relevant and determine who really is winning the race of life!

I won't link to the article where I found the quotes because I don't want it being publicized. But guys? It's 2010. Time to grow up.