As if I write a fitness blog

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Reinstated my failed attempt at Christmas-calorie-restriction. Since I've gone deep with fitness, I've lost about 8 pounds, bulked on probably a few pounds of muscle, gained back a number I will never know about because I refuse to step on the scale for another week (probably, like, a totally insignificant amount, if that), but now I’m back to looking at an ounce of extra-sharp cheddar cheese (roughly a one inch by one inch block) and wondering how, just how in the name of anything that is holy (like extra-sharp cheddar cheese) can anything that small be 110 calories?

I hope eating like shit for the past couple weeks has been the reason why I have been feeling like shit for the past couple weeks, and not vice versa. You know? Like, did I drink a salted caramel hot chocolate because I WANT TO DIE INSIDE EVERY DAY or do I WANT TO DIE INSIDE EVERY DAY because I just drank a salted caramel hot chocolate? How do people even consume frappes without their thoughts hitting their heads in with a curling iron that is plugged in and turned on?

FRAPPE. The name sounds more disgusting than the amount of dairy and sugar it holds. Also, lol @ me pretending I find dairy and sugar disgusting. I mean, my brain knows it is. My brain has read the books, the articles, seen the videos. But my brain and I? My brain and I rarely, if ever, agree on anything. Much like Luda, we’ve got different “hos” in different “area codes”. (We’ve got different areas of interest in different areas of life).

So anyway, fiber.