Wednesday, November 3, 2010

OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS. I am actually physically having issues with this. The ignorance. I can't handle it anymore. OH MY GOD. A few short years ago I would be ranting and raving on Facebook about this. Thankfully I've learned to not do that, especially regarding politics, but OH MY GOD.

Guys? Are you listening? You are falling for it. Proposition 21 was not about preserving national parks. It was about creating revenue for the state of California through raising state vehicle registrations by $18 at state parks. Do you guys know the difference between a national park and state park? Because I feel like you don't. In California, state parks are, largely, beaches. BEACHES. The proposition even stated in its literature that most California vehicles would get free admission and parking at state parks and beaches AND are fully funded ANYWAY, so why would you vote in favor of charging California to go to a beach? Are you high?

Oh. Did you read it as an environmental proposition aimed at bettering our state's parks? More money for resources and preserving our beautiful state? NO. IT ISN'T. AND YOU FELL FOR IT. You were basically saying, "Yeah! I love being taxed! That's why I live in California because I like being bent over and throwing my money away!" This is called ballot box budgeting and it really hurts me that my peers don't understand this. While I understand we are all in favor of bettering all our naturez -- I humbly request that you all get a damn grip.

"National parks." Oh my God.