too tired.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I can sleep all day and all night. Today I laid in bed for half of it thinking about random things and trying to sleep. I spent the other half putting together some ideas for a possible freelance project, blogging, holiday shopping, and budgeting time for the cakes I am baking Friday. The people attending Monica's baby shower on Saturday will get to taste my first attempt at chocolate peanut butter frosting. You're welcome.

My list of things that have to be done this week isn't too long: I have to pay some bills, check my bank account, send a few semi-important emails, pick up Kenna at LAX (because it wouldn't be a real week in the life of Karin if I didn't go to the airport at least once), call my boyfriend to say hello (he's currently on a boat in the Caribbean) and I guess sleep at some point so I don't crash and burn at 6 pm every night. I'm thinking around Fridayish I'll crawl in to bed with a Lifetime Original and my dog.

I'm sorry, is this post too sexy and irreverent for you? Is it being blocked on your work server?