Thursday, November 25, 2010

All you people who read this crap that I write - Thanks for the emails, the comments, the time. Thanks for not turning on me when I'm not the best at returning these gestures. You guys let me make up words, use cliches until the breakabreakadawn, laugh in the face of grammar and spelling every single day. Thanks for entertaining the idea that I'm somewhat interesting and that I might have something profound to say one of these days. I have to admit, I'm shocked you keep coming back for more. It makes me wonder from time to time if you all hate yourselves as much as I hate myself, and then it starts to make a little bit of sense... but for realsies, you're awesome.

Duke - The single greatest source of joy in my universe. There are no words, just bacon flavored things and snuggles. 

Willow Smith - Way to bring a powerful message to the forefront, little lady. No one has ever put my feelings for hair into words before you. Thanks for showing us how to use nice things with nice locks.

Eggs - Without you, I would still be a skinny bitch. Thanks for putting me in my place. 

The City of Los Angeles- This city is the worst, but it's also my home and I've learned more about myself and the world in the last two years than I probably would anywhere else. Also, it's pretty much always sunny. Can't hate on that.